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Until  everyone  understands

The NAS Bristol Easter Egg Hunt takes place at Knowle West Children's Centre.

Easter Egg Hunt FAQ's

Leinster Avenue, Bristol,



The Children's Centre can be found just off of Leinster Avenue, the entrance to the Centre is almost opposite the junction with St Whytes Road and the Children's Centre is on the same site as Knowle DGE.


There is plenty of parking at the Centre.


What happens once the hunt is over?

How the Egg Hunt Works

On arrival, please find an NAS team member and collect your score card. Children can then search the grounds of the centre (outside) for colourful plastic eggs.


** We ask that children collect no more than 2/3 eggs at a time so there are enough to be found by other children **


Once the eggs have been found, children can take them indoors and select a sweet treat from our prize box.


The plastic eggs are taken by a team member and hidden again so the game keeps going for all of the children.


Once the score card has been filled, children will be able to choose a large Easter Egg as a reward for all of their hard work.


As a bonus, some sensory toys will also be hidden for children to find.


We will also have a 'QUIET ROOM' for children to use if the experience becomes too much.

The quiet room will be a relaxing area with comfy cushions, low light and a sensory dark den with fibre optics.


Parents must supervise their children at all times in this area.


Once the egg hunt is over, families are welcome to stay until the end of the event at 12.30.


Children can play in the lovely playground or take part in some craft activities set up indoors.


** Please note we do not have enough volunteers to run the crafts, so parents will need to support their own children **


As well as crafts like biscuit decorating, colouring in, loom bands and making easter decorations we will also have some refreshments for guests.


Towards the end of the event we will draw our raffle.

Tickets are £1 per strip, all proceeds going to Bristol Branch.

Tickets will be on sale throughout the event.


We may also (though not definite) have a special guest in Jake, the Children's Centre's very own therapy dog!


Before leaving, egg hunters will receive a small goody bag from the NAS Bristol Team as a thank you for joining us.


We will not be accessing the Children's Centre through the main door, but by a side gate to the right of the main entrance. We will hang balloons so you can find the way in easily.


On arrival we will ask you all to sign in, this register is for health and safety, so please do fill it in fully.


We will also ask you to sign our photo consent forms. At Bristol Branch we like to share the lovely things we do so other families can see how great being a Bristol Branch member is. If you consent, photos may appear on our social media platforms, website or in future media or NAS publications / promotional material.


What is the NAS Bristol Easter Egg Hunt?

The NAS Easter Egg Hunt is a very sugary affair!


Children hunt in the grounds of our venue for plastic eggs and exchange them for sweet treats; treats are limited with our score card system.


After the hunt children can play outdoors or take part in various craft activities indoors.


Raffle tickets will be on sale for our lovely NAS Bristol raffle, prizes include toys, (more) chocolates and a voucher for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so do bring along some extra money to buy your tickets!

How Much Does The Egg Hunt Cost?

There is no fixed cost for this event, though we do ask for a voluntary contribution to help cover the cost of the event.


We've looked at similar events which charge £3+ per child, so we suggest a donation of £2 per child.


An NAS Bristol collection tin will be at the entrance when you sign in.


All money raised will help cover the cost of this event and any extra will be put towards future NAS Bristol events and activities.


For your donation children will be able to take part in the egg hunt, receive 9 sweet treats as well as a real Easter Egg. Some children will win bonus sensory toy prizes. Children can then take part in various craft activities, help themselves to cakes. biscuits and a cup of squash and play in the lovely venue which has climbing frames, tyre swings and a sand pit. After the event, children will be given a goody bag as a thank you from NAS Bristol.


Where is the Egg Hunt?