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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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About NAS Bristol Events and Meetings

Focus on Families


We really try to make all of our events as family friendly as possible. We understand some of the challenges our members face when trying to access certain activities and days out and want to create opportunities to access fun events that the whole family can be a part of.


Where possible, siblings are encouraged to join in NAS Bristol events. There are occassions when places are limited and this wont always be possible, but we do offer sibling places wherever we can. All NAS Bristol events require parents to supervise their own children at all times, but many of our mums and dads cant wait to join in the fun!




Relaxed Sessions


Our events are often described as relaxed, which is what makes them more accessible to our members. Whenever possible, NAS Bristol will privately hire a venue so our group has exclusive use of a facility for the duration of our session.


This means less noise, less crowding and parents feel more at ease knowing they are in supportive company and dont feel they are being judged. Many members report they struggle to access things like swimming and parks during public sessions, we try to offer these activities and allow our members an opportunity to do the things other families do regularly.




Who can attend NAS Bristol events?


NAS Bristol Branch events are for NAS Bristol members.


Our members are families who have a young person (under 18) with autism (confirmed diagnosis not essential) and who reside in Bristol or neighbouring counties. We also welcome members from South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and BANES to both attend events and join in our online community.


Membership is FREE. Click to find out more




What are the costs of events?


Many events are free of charge for our members, for others we may ask for a suggested voluntary contribution. Any money received by the branch will go towards covering the cost of the event and to future events organised by Bristol Branch.


Some events have higher running costs and the branch may ask for a payment for your children to attend, but this will be subsidised by the branch where possible. Any costs will be disclosed to members as the event is advertised.




Get involved - Create your own event


Whilst we offer quite a varied range of activities, this list is not exhaustive. If there is an activity your child would like, let us know and if there is enough interest from other families, and sufficient funding it could become a reality!


One of the barriers we have to organising more is a lack of volunteers. Our events are all organised and overseen by parents of autistic children and commiting to some things can be difficult. For example, some of our children are too old for soft play, so we struggle to host these events, but it doesn't mean we wouldn't like to hold such events, we just need more help.


You can become a Bristol Branch Volunteer and help organise events for our group and become a part of an amazing team.


Email: to register your interest in becomming a branch volunteer.

Events we've run in 2014 /2015

We have tried lots of fun events over the past couple of years at NAS Bristol and we have lots of exciting new ideas in the pipeline!


Here is a list of some of the events we have organised over the past couple of years:    


NAS_Autism_Bristol Bristol-Branch-Logo-Round NAS_Autism_Bristol Family NAS_Autism_Bristol Family-Fun NAS_Autism_Bristol Cost

Events & Meetings

NAS Bristol Branch organise lots of events, activities and meetings throughout the year.


Many of the events we organise are fun, inclusive play opportunities for children with autism and their families to enjoy.


The meetings hosted by NAS Bristol Branch are to provide parents and carers with information, advice and support and give members an opportunity to connect with other families in their locality, with similar aged children or people going through similar experiences.


We hope members will use this platform to build friendships and a strong support network around themselves and become active members of the NAS Bristol community.

NAS_Autism_Bristol volunteer NAS_Autism_Bristol teamwork-family-people-concept-hugging-icon-49359157 NAS_Autism_Bristol teamwork-family-people-concept-hugging-icon-49359157 NAS_Autism_Bristol teamwork-family-people-concept-hugging-icon-49359157







- Climbing  


- Easter Egg Hunt


- Gymnastics


- Pizza Making


- Science Club Taster


- Speaker Sessions

- Avon Valley  


- Play Park


- Cattle Country


- Swimming


- Soft Play  


- Zumbathon