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Occasionally (usually during school holidays), Bristol Branch will organise a fun climbing / bouldering session at Bloc Climbing Centre.

> Focus and concentration: 

Climbing requires a great deal of focus and concentration, skills children can develop and utilise in school or other activities.


> Improved Hand-eye coordination: 

Climbing uses all four limbs to navigate a difficult obstacle, and teaches children coordination and helps improve fine motor skills.


> Problem-solving: 

Children will learn new techniques, both mental and physical to overcome obstacles they encounter. Each wall is a new problem to negotiate.


> Self esteem:

Climbing will teach children how to overcome new challenges and encourage them to think and act with confidence. As they learn new skills and overcome new obstacles they gain confidence in their ability to succeed.


> Overcoming fears: 

Climbing is a great way to allow children to explore and overcome obstacles in a safe environment under the watchful eye of qualified instructors, there to guide and support them and enable them to reach their potential.


> Trust and team-building: 

Children will listen to instrucors and put their trust in those there to guide them. Children work together to navigate the obstacles and support and encourage one another


> Build physical strength: 

Climbing will help children improve their strength and fitness in a fun way. Physical activity such as climbing helps people get active, stay healthy and can help reduce stress and anxiety


> Setting and achieving goals:

Children will have an opportuinity to plan and work towards their goals, pushing themselves to their potential. Not every climb will be a success and teach children to evaluate, re-assess and try again to reach their goal.

Benfits of climbing




> Booking essential for this event as numbers are limited.


> The event is for children with autism & siblings. (confirmed diagnosis not essential)


> Siblings can participate subject to numbers booked in for a session as priority must go to the children with autism.


> The team at Bloc are experienced climbers and experienced in teaching children with additional needs.


> There is no fixed cost, though we are grateful for any voluntary contributions. Donations can be made on the day, one of the team will have a charity collection tin at the event. Donations will help cover the cost of the event and any extra funds will be used towards future branch activities.


> Children must be aged 6 or over to attend this particular event.


> Bloc Climbing Centre is exclusively bouldering which requires no kit although climbing shoes are an advantage these can be borrowed from the centre but if your child won't wear them normal trainers are OK.  

How to find Bloc climbing Centre

Unit 2,

New Gatton Rd,


BS2 9SH.


Phone: 0117 955 8508






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