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A Branch of the National Autistic Society

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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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NAS Bristol Branch

Online Parent/Carer Support Group on Facebook


What is the group for?


> Parent to Parent support


> Access to support any time, day or night, 24/7


> A safe place to talk all things autism


> A network of over 800 Bristol families


> Share information, knowledge and ideas


> Celebrate our children and their achievements


> Keep up to date with NAS Bristol events and activities


When we made our move on to social media, NAS Bristol Branch set up an online parent / carer Autism support group. It was the only such group like it for Bristol families to connect and support one another and build vital support networks.


The group has grown from strength to strength with new members joining weekly. Currently there are over 850 members, all families of young people with autism working together to offer advice and support to those in need.


The group is a vital resource for Bristol Branch, with a vast collective knowledge of all our members being put to use to support those who are feeling lost, and empower parents and carers no matter what stage of their journey they are at.


NAS Bristol Branch – Autism Events, Advice and Support is a safe place for parents and carers to share their ups and downs. It is a place to ask questions and share their daily challenges and experiences. It is a place to celebrate children’s achievements with others who ‘get it’. It’s a place to share information of local events with other families. It is also an opportunity for us all to connect, to make friends and be there for one another.


As with anything in life, the more members put into the group, the more they will get back. We encourage all members to post regularly so they can keep up to date with group activities and keep conversation going. We also ask members to take a few moments to read the posts of others and to comment if they feel they can offer any advice or simply to let the poster know that they are not alone.



Joining NAS Bristol Parents / Carers Support Group

The group is for parents / carers and relatives of young people with autism (confirmed diagnosis not essential) living in Bristol or surrounding areas (S. Glos, N. Somerset, BANES).


The support group is part of the social networking site Facebook.


To access the group you must first have / create a Facebook account.


Once on Facebook – search for: NAS Bristol Branch – Autism Events, Advice and Support and request to join.







The NAS Bristol team may send you a message to confirm you meet the group criteria before adding you to the group, please do check your messages, both the inbox and the ‘others’ folder where messages between members who aren’t friends may sometimes be sent.


This is to ensure the group remains a safe and welcoming place for our users – please be patient with the NAS Bristol team who are all volunteers and all parents and carers of young people with autism themselves.  


Once in the group, please feel free to post, and join in the NAS Bristol community.




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