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Members Only:

This Group is for NAS Bristol members (parents, carers & relatives of young people with a diagnosis of or under assessment for autism).


Confidentiality is Key:

Things said in the group should remain confidential, please respect other users privacy by not discussing what you see on this page outside of the group


Keep it Clean:

No bad language, insulting or offensive posts / comments will be tolerated in this group, all posts must adhere to Facebook's community standards.


Respect All Group Members:

Messages that are sexist, homophobic, racist, intolerant of religious beliefs, obscene or otherwise discriminatory are not allowed in the group. This includes links to websites with contents of this type.


Be Cautious When Posting:

Please don’t disclose personal data such as addresses, Email addresses or phone numbers, nor ask other members for their personal details. Please protect your identity and privacy at all times as once it's out there you can't ever really take it back.


Protect Your Children:

Please ensure that in any photos shared, children are fully clothed and no details of schools are displayed on uniforms.


Respect Your Children:

Please remember that your children are people too, think before sharing anything which may compromise your children’s privacy and/or dignity.


No Advertising / Selling:

The NAS Bristol Facebook group is for parents & carers to connect, share information and support one another. this is not a selling page. We may allow some adverts to be shared if we feel they are of benefit to the group members, please contact admin prior to posting any advertisement. You can let people know about a service, book, telephone number etc., that you have found helpful. However the Facebook group cannot be used to endorse products or recommend services or therapy approaches. If you have joined the group in order to advertise or sell products then your membership will be removed.


No Fundraising Posts:

NAS Bristol is a registered charity reliant on donations and fundraising in order to offer our activities and events. Please don’t share posts for other groups or organisations without prior admin approval.


No Sharing Of Other Groups:

Please do not share details of other groups within the NAS Bristol group without prior admin approval. 


No Naming & Shaming:

Please do not write any posts containing the specific names of professionals working with your children or schools they attend or have attended. Identifying individuals or specific services, especially when making complaints, may be considered libel and your post may be removed.  


Be Respectful And Sensitive To Others:

With so many members, not everyone will agree on certain issues. It is perfectly acceptable to note that you do not agree with someone’s opinion, but please do so in a respectful manner. It can be important in groups such as this to agree to disagree.


Participate, Not Dominate: Please do share your experiences but be mindful about the frequency of your posts, especially if posting the same thing.



If these rules are broken, your post may be removed and you may also be removed from the Facebook group.


Facebook Rules & Tips

Many of us find that social media sites such as Facebook, are a fantastic place to discuss Autism issues with like minded people.

NAS Bristol has its own Facebook Group with over 800 members for parents and carers of young people with autism (confirmed diagnosis not essential) and autistic adults living in Bristol.

NAS_Autism_Bristol Social-Media-2

About the NAS Bristol Facebook Group:


> A Place To Share

This is a forum where people can share their ups and downs, discuss problems and frustrations, and get good advice from people who may be in or have been through a similar situation.


> Gain Information

Parents and carers can share local knowledge with the Bristol NAS Community about events, activities and helpful organisations other families may be interested in in their area.;


> Connect

People can make some great friends through groups online and it really helps families to know that they’re not alone.


> Advice & Support

Parent to parent support is such a valuable resource, between us all we have a massive collective knowledge of all things autism which can provide hope and support to those at the beginning of their journey.

For the Facebook group to remain a safe forum for families to discuss autism related topics and share information and personal experiences it is vital all members follow the group rules (listed below) and adhere to the Bristol NAS Code Of conduct as well as Facebook Community Standards.

Posting in capitals 

Many people find that messages posted in capitals LOOK LIKE PEOPLE ARE SHOUTING. 

This can be difficult for people to read and may be seen as quite aggressive. Please try to avoid this or other people may be reluctant to respond your message or find it upsetting.



Please avoid swearing in a Facebook group. Although you may feel that swearing is a way to express how you are feeling, other users may find swear words troubling. Messages that include regular and excessive swearing may be removed.


Using paragraphs 

Posting a long message without including paragraph breaks can make it difficult to read and can be very hard to understand for some people on the autism spectrum. When creating a discussion or writing a reply, please try to make sure you’ve added paragraphs to make it easier to look at.


Avoiding arguments

Everyone in the Facebook group has a right to make their views clear. Even if you disagree with what someone else thinks you shouldn’t be offensive towards them. People are welcome to disagree with each other but our rules ban personal insults.


If you have questions about what someone else has said then you should ask them, but you should be polite when doing this. Try to avoid making assumptions about other members and take the time to read their message. Being passionate and having a strong opinion about a subject won’t ever justify insulting another member of the branch.


The branch may close a discussion to help calm down a row. If this happens then please don’t continue the same argument in a different discussion.


Protecting your privacy 

Facebook is a public site and we want to try and protect the privacy of all our users. This is why we ask you not to share any personal details (such as your email or telephone number). The NAS Bristol Facebook Group is a closed, members only forum, but with over 800 members we can't know everybody and therefore urge you to be cautious when posting online.


NAS Bristol allow photos to be posted within the group, but please be aware that while it is a closed forum, the Branch Admin cant effectively vet every new member or know who all 800+ members are, so again we urge caution when deciding what you post. While no group photos can be shared from the group, it is possible for people to take a screen shot of any content in any group on the internet, regardless of the groups security settings.


We recommend only sharing things you would be comfortable for the wider public to see.


We dont want to stop people sharing the amazing things their children do, their achievements, or the great times had at NAS Bristol activities, but we want members to be informed before they post and decide for themselves.


(If NAS Bristol take any event photographs, we will first ask parents / carers to fill in a branch photo consent form)


The Branch may remove messages that contain personal information. If we do this, we’ll let you know, either through a reply to your message or through a direct message.


Group Confidentiality

In order for a Facebook group to continue, it's vital that all members respect the confidentiality of other members.  


Although groups on Facebook need to be monitored or moderated, there is no way of monitoring all its users at all times. Any information on social networks CANNOT be guaranteed to be secure and IS in the public domain.


We would encourage all users of Facebook groups to respect the privacy of families, particularly given the additional social vulnerability of people affected by autism, as well as issues brought on by the sometimes overwhelming pressure that can put on carers. Likewise, group users should always consider how much personal information they are happy and comfortable for others to see.  


Libel laws

We want you to be able to use the group for support with any problems you are experiencing, but libel laws can be quite complicated when complaining about services or individuals. To avoid legal problems for yourself or the NAS you should avoid writing messages about specific individuals, services or companies. Facebook is public and isn’t a legal channel for complaints so this kind of message may be removed.


If you do need to make a complaint about what has happened to you or others then a good place to start may be your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau:  


Bristol Citizens Advice Bureau:

South Gloucestershire Citizens Advice Bureau:


We hope you enjoy using this group and find it a friendly, helpful place.  

NAS Bristol Branch Facebook Group Rules

Social Media Posting / Commenting Tips: