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NAS Bristol Branch

A Branch of the National Autistic Society

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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

Until  everyone  understands

We need your support to continue our work.


If you would like to fundraise for us, please contact us directly by



Don't forget to ask your employer if they operate a matched funding scheme. Many companies will match £1 for £1 any money raised by employees for charity.


If you wish to fundraise for us, get in touch so we can help you set up any online fundraising pages and maybe arrange for you to wear a charity T-shirt while you take part in the event.

NAS Bristol Branch is a local Branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS)


NAS Bristol is a parent / carer led group run entirely by volunteers.


NAS Bristol receives NO central funding and is funded entirely through fundraising and grants awarded to the branch, so any offers of help with fundraising activities is always greatly appreciated!


As a group, NAS Bristol Branch supports families by organising regular, inclusive play opportunities for children with autism and their families to enjoy. These events provide an opportunity for children with autism to access certain venues in a relaxed, closed session. It is also a great time for parents / carers to meet others in similar situations to themselves and for families to form friendships.


Donate to NAS Bristol Branch


You can donate Money to the branch to help cover the costs of family events and activities


You can donate the precious resource of Time by becoming a branch volunteer


NAS_Autism_Bristol Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas 

Donate money to NAS Bristol Branch as you shop online with hundreds of retailers.


Costs you nothing.

You can sign up to support NAS Bristol through Easy Fundraising here:




Easy Fundraising


Donate money.

You can donate money in one off payments to Bristol Branch. You can also make a donation upon attending branch activities.




Alternative Gifting

If you are difficult to buy for, why not suggest to family and friends that they instead make a donation to NAS Bristol Branch.

Family stuck for ideas for Birthday and Christmas presents?

You could suggest family and friends make a charitable donation instead as an alternative gift.

Businesses can help charity groups like NAS Bristol in a number of ways.

Physical Challenge

Local Businesses can help support NAS Bristol Branch.










You can sponsor an event.


Nominate us as your chosen charity to fundraise for.


Donate goods or services for use in fundraising events.

Walk, Cycle, Climb a Mountain,


You can organise a challenge either as a solo activity or with a group of friends and  raise funds for NAS Bristol through sponsorships.


Physical Challenge


You can take part in a 5k, 10k, or even a half or full marathon.


If you are feeling really brave you could also attempt an obstacle course.



You can organise a challenge either as a solo activity or with a group of friends and  raise funds for NAS Bristol through sponsorships.





Host An Event

Physical Challenge

(Adrenaline Junkie)

Skydive, Bungee Jump, Abseil

Comedy Night, Auction, Charity Concert, Family Fun Day, Quiz Night, Karaoke, Talent Show, Theme Night

You can organise a challenge either as a solo activity or with a group of friends and  raise funds for NAS Bristol through sponsorships.

You can organise a night of fun and laughter with proceeds being donated to NAS Bristol. Events can be small and simple or as big and lavish as you like.

Its all about raising awareness and having a good time for charity.






Medium / Hard

Bake for Autism

Make a statement

You could organise a cake sale at work or school.


You could organise / take part in a Man Vs Food eating challenge.


You could organise a 'Come Dine with Me' style dinner party.

Take part in a sponsored hair cut, head shave, body waxing event to raise money.








Hard / Painful

Raise money at school or work

- Dress down day

- fancy Dress

- Onesie / pyjama day

- wear charity colours


Make a small donation to take part in a fun day and donate all proceeds to NAS bristol Branch




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