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NAS Bristol Branch

A Branch of the National Autistic Society

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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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Get Involved

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NAS Bristol Branch is a parent volunteer led branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS).


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with NAS Bristol Branch, to work with us to create wonderful things or to just have your say and help shape Bristol Branch and what we do.



Join our Facebook Parents Group


We have created a lovely, supportive online community on Facebook with our Parents Group. The group is a closed forum where parents can ask questions, share information with others and find a warm, friendly support network of other Bristol Based parents and carers. The Group is also used to advertise upcoming events and activities. The group is for anyone who meets the following criteria:


- You must be a parent / carer or relative of a young person with autism*

- You must reside in Bristol or neighbouring Counties (South Glos, BANES, North Somerset)


* A confirmed diagnosis is not essential, if you are concerned or are about to start / currently undergoing an autism assessment you are also welcome to join.


If you do not meet the criteria for the Facebook Group, you are still free to follow the work we do through our public Facebook Page: National Autistic Society Bristol Branch



Join us for Branch activities


NAS Bristol Branch organise regular events and activities for Bristol families affected by autism. We do our best to organise at least one event per month for our members. Events are things like group trips to local attractions, closed sessions at parks, soft plays and for swimming sessions. Details of events and how families can book places are posted in our Parents Facebook Group.


To find out more about NAS Bristol events, visit our Events Page



Join us for Branch Meetings


NAS Bristol organise regular Branch meetings for parents, carers and volunteers. The different kinds of events we run are:


~ Huddles

~ Committee Meetings

~ Parents Information Sessions

~ Casual Coffee Mornings


Meetings are advertised through a combination of Email and through the Facebook Parents Group





Everything the branch does is organised entirely by parent / carer volunteers. While the branch is very active, there is so much more we could do if only we had the funds and volunteers to help organise and run things.


Much of what NAS Bristol does has been born out of necessity. Parents have been frustrated at the lack of opportunities available for their children and so they came together to make things happen, to create the opportunities themselves for their families and other Bristol families. Over the years NAS Bristol has been instrumental in the creation of many Bristol Autism services we see and use today, but there is still so much more that can be done.


There are a number of great volunteering opportunities within NAS Bristol Branch.


Visit our Volunteer Page for more details





NAS Bristol is 100% donation funded not for profit charity.


We rely on members of the branch and other local groups to help us with our fundraising so we are able to keep offering support to Bristol families affected by autism.


People regularly organise their own fundraisers in support of NAS Bristol. Recent fundraisers have included:


~ Sponsored Walks

~ Schools Onesie / Pyjama days

~ Running the Bristol 10k

~ Sky diving for NAS Bristol

~ Charity boxing match raising funds for Bristol Branch

~ 'Dry January' challenge abstaining from alcohol for a month

~ NAS Bristol Zumbathon


Visit our Fundraising Page for more details.


Details of companies who have helped NAS Bristol Branch over recent years can be found on Our Supporters Page



Easy Fundraising


You can support NAS Bristol Branch by shopping online!


There is an easy way to help raise vital funds for NAS Bristol while you shop online through Easy Fundraising. If you sign up to Easy Fundraising and select National Autistic Society Bristol as your preferred charity, when you shop online with selected retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Pizza Hut and hundreds of other big name retailers, a small donation will be made to NAS Bristol Branch.


It's quick and easy to sign up and costs you nothing.


1) Register with Easy Fundraising

2) Select National Autistic Society Bristol as your chosen charity

3) Download the tool bar, this will pop up whenever you are shopping on a site which supports easy Fundraising

4) Shop as you normally would, remembering to click on the 'shop through Easy Fundraising' link as it pops up

5) Share with all of your friends and family who may shop online - every penny makes a difference!


Easy Fundraising