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NAS Bristol Branch

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

In April 2015, NAS Bristol held its annual Easter Egg Hunt. This was a fantastic morning where branch members of all ages, pre-schoolers to teenagers, came along to join us hunting eggs, playing outside in the sunshine and taking part in various arts and crafts. All children were given a score card and sent off into the wild to hunt colourful plastic eggs, then take them indoors to exchange for sweet treats with our volunteers.


As well as the traditional egg hunt, we also had a Cyril hunt - where colourful, stretchy sensory toy worms were waiting to be found, Cyril was a highlight for many children!


This year was our first at a new venue, Knowle West Children's Centre, a beautiful safe space with fantastic meadow, play equipment, sand pit and boat for children to explore. Indoors we had a lovely spacious classroom for biscuit decorating, loom banding, clay modeling and painting. We also had a cosy quiet room for children to calm down or just have some quiet time.


After the egg hunt, children enjoyed cakes donated to the branch by Free Cakes For Kids Bristol and everyone enjoyed our amazing raffle with prizes ranging from family days out at local attractions to toys and lego for the children to cosmetics, chocolates and bubbly for the grown ups!


All the children left with a goody bag with a few fun things to take away with them. It really was a fantastic day!