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NAS Bristol Branch

A Branch of the National Autistic Society

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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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Other NAS Branches

NAS Avon Branch:


We provide support, information and advice to Autistic Adults (including Asperger Syndrome) and to their Parents/Carers, living and working in the Avon area of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and the northern end of North Somerset. Professionals are welcome to contact us too.


People on our mailing list are given: details of branch activities, information on events of interest, details of consultations for proposed changes in services, information on research, opportunities to participate in surveys and research and other useful information.


Please contact the branch chair, Diana Elliott with any questions or to be added to this mailing list on email: or mob: 07825 227026.








NAS North Somerset:


The Branch offers support to parents of children or adults who have an autism spectrum condition (ASC). This is in the form of three support group meetings a month or one to one. The Branch sends out 3 newsletters a year to its members. It organises social events for the whole family about 4 times a year.


Please contact











NAS South Gloucestershire Branch:


We are a parent-led group run by volunteers, most of whom are parents or family members who wish to help others affected by autism (including Asperger syndrome and pathological demand avoidance). Many of our families also have children with a comrbid diagnosis of other conditions eg ADHD, dyslexia, sensory processing difficulties.


We organise activities for children and young people with autism as well as supporting their parents in the form of local groups that provide support and information.


Please contact us at, or fill in the contact form on the contacts page of our website.




Here is a list of other local NAS Branches. These branches may cover different areas or offer different services to those offered by NAS Bristol Branch.

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