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Soft Play

Occassionally the branch organise a fun trip to a soft play centre. Soft play is loved by children of all ages and is a safe and fun way for little ones to burn off some energy.

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Where is the soft play session held?


We have no fixed venue for soft play. Occasionally the branch is able to hire out a soft play centre exclusively for branch members to use. Other times soft play is an optional activity when we hold our bigger events, such as trips to Avon Valley Country Park or Cattle Country.



When are soft play sessions?


The organisation of such an event is dependent on branch finances and volunteers willing to take the time to organise and oversee the event.



What age range can attend soft play?


This is often dependent on the individual rules and regulations set by the venue. While some have an upper age limit of about 11, others will allow teenagers to partake when the venue is being privately hired.



Is there a charge?


Like with many events we don’t ask for a fixed payment, but instead ask for a suggested voluntary contribution from attendees. Any money raised helps cover some of the cost of the event and any extra will be put towards future events.



Can siblings attend?


Yes! Where possible we like to include the whole family in our events. This offers an opportunity for everyone to have fun and meet new people.