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NAS Bristol Branch

A Branch of the National Autistic Society

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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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NAS Bristol Branch is a parent / volunteer  led branch of National Autistic Society (NAS). As a group we offer support to families of young people living in Bristol who are affected by Autism, whether diagnosed or not.




There are a number of great volunteering opportunities within NAS Bristol Branch.


We need volunteers to help with:


1. Organising / supervising play events.


2. Planning activities to raise awareness of Autism.


3. Planning, organising and working on Bristol Branch fundraising events.


4. Facebook Group Hosts, people who can welcome new members to our online parents group, post details of local events, share information and help to create a positive and friendly environment for the 700+ members.


5. People to assist in monitoring our Facebook group and ensure things run smoothly.


6. Bloggers who would like to contribute to our NAS Bristol Blog page.


7. People to carry out their own fundraising activities to raise funds for Bristol Branch either on their own or through work or school.


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Why Become a Bristol Branch Volunteer?


People choose to volunteer for a wide variety of reasons. Volunteering can give you an opportunity to become involved with an organisation you really care about and meet like-minded people along the way.


Groups such as NAS Bristol benefit enormously from the input of volunteers who offer fresh ideas and a new perspective to the work we currently do. Most importantly they offer their time; even the smallest commitment can make a huge difference to both the organisation and the families we support.


Here are some great reasons to volunteer with NAS Bristol Branch:


~ You Can Learn New Skills


~ You Will Gain Confidence


~ You Will Make New Friends


~ You Will Be Able To Give Something Back To The Community, Making A Positive Difference


~ You Will Be Making A Difference To Bristol Families Affected By Autism


~ You Can Have Fun


~ You Can Keep Yourself Busy And Active


~ You Can Utilise Existing Skills And Knowledge



Volunteering for NAS Bristol is your chance to make a real difference.

How Do I Volunteer?


If you would like to become a Bristol Branch volunteer please Email us at:


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