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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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> NAS Bristol offer parent to parent support to families of young people with autism living in Bristol.


> We organise regular inclusive play opportunities for children up to 19 years old who have autism.


> We run parent drop-in groups and speaker events to allow parents to meet others in similar situations to themselves.


> We invite guest speakers to talk to our members about a range of topics connected to autism, such as sleep, behaviour,

  education and benefits.


> We host an online Facebook Parent Group to allow members to seek help and support 24/7. The group is a safe space for

  members to share information, support one another, ask questions and celebrate the good days.



























As a parent led group, NAS Bristol welcome the views of parents and carers to help us plan our events.


We hope to organise fun, inclusive play events for children with autism and their families to enjoy as well as organise guest speakers for the group to discuss topics which matter to NAS Bristol members.


We actively encourage more parents to get involved and help us grow as a group and be able to increase the range of events we are able to offer.


If you would like to volunteer at Bristol Branch or have any suggestions about events you would like to see, please do get in touch!











Many of our members report that they have felt socially isolated at times. Families can struggle to find advice or access support. Many even say they can find it hard to access play opportunities with their children for a range of reasons, such as a child suffering sensory overload in busy, noisy environments, or there not being the correct level of support in place for children to attend.



NAS Bristol try to create as many opportunities for families as possible, often in private closed sessions. A chance for families to get out and enjoy experiences such as playing in the park or going swimming, which they may struggle to do during open public sessions.



We also try to encourage people to use our Facebook Group to connect with other families in the city, to be able to talk and share their knowledge with over 800 other members. Most parents agree they discover more talking to each other than from any other sources. It really is such a fantastic resource and a great way to connect with new people.










As part of the National Autistic Society we hope to be able to offer support to families of young people with Autism, to provide activities and events for our members to enjoy and opportunities for them to connect with other families living in the same locality.

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